Trace Route

In order to find out if a website is hosted in Australia, you can send a packet from your computer to the server where the website is hosted then examine the number of hops and response times. If you live in Australia, please try the following:

1) Open up a "Command Prompt" Window on your computer:
  Click Start - Programs/All Programs - Accessories - Command Prompt
2) At the cursor (prompt) type:
In this example, you are checking our website. You can replace with your current website or any website you would like to check.

You will now see a number of hops from your computer to our website. Firstly, please take a close look at the response times. If you have an ADSL connection to the Internet the response times may be as quick as 30 ms (30 milliseconds).

If you now do a tracert  to your site or a site known to be hosted in the USA you will see that the response times are FAR higher and the number of hops are FAR greater.

If the response times of the tracert to your websites is over 200 ms then your websites are almost certainly hosted OUTSIDE of Australia, most likely in USA.

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