World Class Web Hosting Infrastructure

We are an entirely Australian based web hosting provider. All servers, equipments and infrastructure used to
support hosting services are located in an Australian Data Centre. Our web hosting infrastructure is designed
for complex and mission critical web hosting solutions yet made availalable at affordable price starting at $7/month.

High Speed Network & Data CentreData Center

Our Data Centre is tailored to provide fully redundant, load balanced and fault tolerant configurations that allow us to provide our customers with 99.9 % uptime. 99.9 % uptime means that your website will always be up and running all the time.

The main features of our data centre consist of:

Multiple carrier-grade connections are available to various Australian network providers including SingTel Optus, Comindico and Telstra.

Gigabit Ethernet is used over copper and ATM throughout our internal infrastructure.

Network is connected to upstream providers via Gigabit Ethernet optical fibre links and all servers are connected to switched backbone using 100Mbps Ethernet ensuring lightning fast data transit.

Network Security:
Firewall is implemented at the network edge to protect against any denial of services attacks or similar, and feed all inbound and outbound data into a traffic collector that identifies suspicious behavior.

General Security:

  • Onsite Network Operation Centre (NOC) with direct secure access to all network switching rooms, carrier rooms, and server rooms.
  • 24 x 7 onsite personnel
  • Fire protection

Power Supply:
Uninterruptible power supplies are in place to provide clean and reliable power. Backup diesel generator is used to supply power for extended outages.

High Speed Web Server High Speed Web Server

Apache ( has been the most popular web server on the Internet since April of 1996. The January 2006 Netcraft Web Server Survey ( found that 69.97% of the web sites on the Internet are using Apache, thus making it more widely used than all other web servers combined. The superior performance of apache is also one of our most important key points in delivering reliable solutions to mission critical websites. For more information about apache web server, please go to

High Speed and High Security Operating System High Speed and High Security Operating System

All of our servers are running Redhat Enterprise Linux, a Linux distribution produced by Red Hat ( and targeted toward commercial and enterprise systems. It is specifically designed to handle multi-tasking, or many users running multiple programs, all at the same time. You will therefore find it normal for a Redhat Enterprise Linux server to run seamlessly for months without a hitch. Unlike many other types of Linux available out there, Redhat Linux Enterprise is a version which is stable, supported by vendor and certified.

For more information about Redhat Linux Enterprise, please go to

Reliable High Spec Server High Spec Server

We use specifically chosen hardware that will support high quality intel processors. Great care is taken to make sure that the supporting components, for example mainboards, memory and storage devices, are 100% compatible, and support the operating systems and applications for which they are intended.

Chipsets, Transfer Rates, Error Correction, Compatibility and Performance are all factors when our in-house hardware selection team design a package. Every attempt is made to utilise the dynamic nature of the computer hardware industry by selecting only those components that will provide an economical and technically superior upgrade path for your server.

RAID Protected Hard Drive RAID Protected Hard Drive

ALL our servers are RAID protected! This means all your data is simultaneously written on two hard drives. In the event of a hard disk failure, the server will continue to run without interruptions by using the mirrored hard drive. Your visitors won't even realize that the server suffered a hard disk failure! Within minutes the failed hard drive can be replaced and mirrored again. In short, our RAID protected web space offers significantly increased speed, redundancy and uptime for your website!

Technology Used