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Setting up your email accounts

Step 1: Create your email account from your Web Hosting Control Panel

You will have to add users (email accounts) through your Web Hosing Control Panel, to access your control panel go to (where is your registered domain hosted by Dot Excel).

Please click here for video tutorial on how to create email accounts using your Web Hosting Control Panel.

Step 2: Accesing your email account

To start using your email account, you may either login to Dot Excel's Webmail immediately (if your hosting plan supports Webmail) or configure an Email Client such as Outlook or Eudora:

1. Dot Excel's Webmail: Login to Dot Excel's webmail at (where is your registered domain hosted by Dot Excel)

Click here for a video tutorial.


2. Configure an Email Client
If you choose an Email Client to manage your email, you will need to configure it with the following settings:

E-mail Address:
Incoming Mail Server (POP):
Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP): OR Using your ISP's smtp server to send email.
POP Account Name:
Password: The password from step 1

Click here for a video tutorial (Email Clients / Systems).

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