• Most recognised web address for NZ business
  • 150,000 .nz registrations already and going fast!
  • Gain qualified NZ traffic from search engines
  • Your NZ customers will expect to find you at a .nz website
  • Protect your online brands from competitors and cybersquatters
  • Improve your listings when customers search for you in Google's New Zealand database

New Zealand Domain Names If you operate a website in New Zealand, you should register a .nz domain name. Whether you run a business or personal
website you can choose among a range of domain name extensions such as .co.nz and .net.nz.


   Domain Period $AUD
  .co.nz 1 Year $ 39
  .net.nz 1 Year $ 39
  .org.nz 1 Year $ 39
  .ac.nz 1 Year $ 39
  .school.nz 1 Year $ 39
  .geek.nz 1 Year $ 39
  .gen.nz 1 Year $ 39
  .maori.nz 1 Year $ 39
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   2LD    Purpose
  .co.nz Organisations pursuing commercial aims and purposes
  .net.nz Organisations and service providers directly related to the NZ Internet
  .org.nz Not-for-profit organizations
  .ac.nz Tertiary educational institutions and related organisations
  .school.nz Primary, secondary and pre-schools and related organisations
  .geek.nz Geeks! (Technical enthusiasts)
  .gen.nz Individuals and other organisations not covered elsewhere
  .maori.nz Maori people, groups and organisations
Anyone is eligible to register names in the major New Zealand extensions such as co.nz, org.nz, net.nz
You do not need to be a New Zealand company to do so.
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