Domain Hosting

Domain Parking (Free)

If you already have a domain but do not need a website at this stage, you can order our Domain Parking package so that visitors to your website will be directed to a place holder. This means that when visitors visit your web site address at, they won't get an error page. You can register a domain and not park it anywhere but then your site will be simply inaccessible (with error page displayed) until you get a web host. 

Another advantage of parking your domain is that your web page can be indexed by search engines such as Google as soon as possible. Since this can sometimes take months, it is best for you to start as soon as possible.

Domain parking is Free with all domain only orders.

Domain Fowarding ($10 per year)

If you already have a website that you would like your new domain name(s) to point to, you can take advantage of our Domain Forwarding package.

With domain forwarding you can have a FREE website on or, or personal web space at your local Internet Service Provider (ISP), and access it from your new domain - with no monthly hosting fees!

The destination URL will be automatically masked so your users only see your domain name!

Example: You have a free personal homepage at your ISP with a long, hard to remember address like:

With domain forwarding, users would simply type in, and go directly to your website. The destination URL will be automatically masked so that your visitors will never see that long address of your free website.

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