About Us

Dot Excel provides a wide range of web hosting solutions for individual, home office, medium sized businesses
and entrepreneurs. Our main goal remains simple: to make high quality web services easily available to everyone
at affordable cost.

In line with our main goal, our web hosting solutions are equipped with great many features, well beyond the
basic web hosting account, and well surpassing the competition. We have also invested on complex web
hosting technologies which are designed for mission critical websites and high end applications yet all are
made at affordable price.

Most of our customers come from "word of mouth" of our loyal customers and in order to build more confidence on
our customers, we understand the importance of customer service in addition to having great technology. We
achieve this through our fast, friendly and knowledgable customer support staff.

Whether you are an individual, non profit organisastion, small or medium sized businesses, we invite you to
join us and experience our high quality web services and customer support.

Why choose us Seemingly, there are many choices when it comes to picking a Web hosting provider. However, when you add up all the
facts, the choice becomes clear. Discover why we stay ahead of our competitors and the reasons why Dot Excel is the
right choice for you.


1. We host all websites on Australian Servers.

Many web hosting providers host their customers on US servers. All of our customers are hosted in Australia. Click here to learn more about the differences between US servers and Australian servers and to find out if your current website is located in Australia.

2. We offer great deals of storage, bandwidth and many other features at affordable price.

Our packages come with great many features at low cost. Please do not be surprised to find that even our smallest web hosting package come with almost everything you need to run an online business. We also upgrade those features every now and then without increasing the cost to stay competitive. Click here to see all of our packages.

3. We do not oversell our diskspace.

Many web hosting providers oversell their diskspace by populating the entire diskspace with hundreds or even thousands of customers. Unlike such web hosting providers, we only populate around 15% of our diskspace. By doing this, server load can be kept to a minimum to maximise its performance. There will also be a huge room to grow so customers can upgrade their packages at anytime without experiencing any service interruption.

4. You have full control over your website through a user friendly control panel

Our state of the art control panel allows you to manage your website remotely using a web browser. Click here to see our control panel demo.

5. Our knowledgable customer support will respond to your enquiries within 1 hour.

We are committed to respond to our customers' problems and enquiries within one hour. We do not get back to our customers within one hour just for the sake of providing a quick response but we hope to get back with resolutions to their problems.

6. We offer great flexibility in upgrading and downgrading your package

We offer more flexibilty to your web hosting package by allowing to upgrade and downgrade at anytime without any additional set up cost.

7. 30 day money back guarantee

We are committed to provide the highest level of service to our customers however if in any case you are not satisfied with our services we will return your money back within 30 days. Domain Names Registration, SSL Certificates and Dedicated Servers are not refundable under any circumtances.

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